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3 tips to take your backyard to the next level

    (NC) Stepping into a backyard oasis is the best way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you are creating a space for the whole family or a private retreat, it takes planning and people to turn your dream into a reality. Design expert Kimberley Seldon partnered with the Electrical Safety Authority to share tips and hidden electrical considerations for three outdoor design ideas.

    Open-air living. Canadians want to be outdoors to soak up the warm weather all season. To achieve this, Seldon recommends adding comfortable seating in an outdoor lounge area. A cabana with a breezy new ceiling fan will give your space a resort feel — just remember the fan will require special installation. A licensed electrical contractor is required to ensure the correct junction box is used so it doesn’t wobble or fall.

    Relax by the water. Adding a calming koi pond or a revitalizing infinity pool will turn your yard into a haven. When picking the location for your water feature, it’s important to factor in where overhead wires are located. There are specific distances that your pool must be from overhead powerlines, which can be as much as 7.5 metres horizontally and vertically to prevent shock caused by contact with tools such as skimmers.

    Light up the garden. Good lighting is key to adding ambiance into any space. As you would for your indoor lighting, develop a layered plan to achieve your desired look. Incorporate down lighting to emphasize the façade, landscape lighting in the garden to highlight a row of cedars, pathway lights for safety, and decorative lighting for added impact. Be sure all outdoor electrical is rated for exterior use, and ensure all outdoor outlets are protected with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). If the receptacle is exposed to the elements, it will need an “extra duty” cover plate.

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