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3 tips to quickly deep clean your living space

    (NC) We’ve all experienced the panic that ensues when a guest lets you know that they are stopping by and our home may not be as spotless as we would hope. Below are some great tips to give your living space a deep clean in no time.

    1. The area behind the couch can be the place of no return for items like hair ties, pet toys and anything else small enough to make its way back there. Along with this, it is a hub for dust bunnies, so get them out before any guests arrive. Move furniture away from the walls to get to the baseboards and give the space around them a quick clean.

    2. Open up your curtains and blinds to make everything look cheerful and fresh. But with all the sun shining through your home, any dust or debris on your windowsills will be extra noticeable. Be sure to give the areas a quick dust to make sure any large particles are removed. Don’t forget to clean the inside of the windows to get rid of any fingerprints or leftover dust.

    3. Give your floors a deep clean with an effective wet/dry vacuum. The Tineco iFloor 3, which is available at Best Buy, is great for cleaning any hard-sealed floor with no more effort exerted than giving the floors a once-over with a regular cordless vacuum. Turn on maximum cleaning mode to help you get those sticky, stubborn messes. Once done, check out the dirty water tank to see the messes you were completely unaware of.

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