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5 Garden-to-table Herbs to try

    Herbs are the perfect way to freshen up your garden and dinner plate. A few minutes is all it takes to pick up some herbs at the store and start an edible garden that will add a seasonal kick to your meals.

    This herb tends to grow well in containers as well as in the garden. Whether it’s Italian or broadleaf parsley, it’s best to plant towards the end of May to avoid late-season frost. It pairs well with all red and white meats and tastes especially good with cucumber, avocado or carrots.

    This easy-to-care for herb grows abundantly without maintenance and the taste is sure to impress the young gardeners in your family, who can snack on it during cool summer evenings. Chives’ peppery flavour is the perfect finish for steak, chicken or lamb and they go marvelously well with potatoes, green peas or radishes.

    This is an excellent choice for container gardening since it appreciates its own space. Be sure to avoid overwatering and provide appropriate separation from other plants to keep the leaves free of mildew. Lamb, pork, beef and turkey are great candidates for a few sprigs, as are squashes, leeks and sweet potatoes.

    Another easy grower, mint is best raised in a planter on your patio or in a submerged pot in the garden since it proliferates easily. Maintain your mint by thinning regularly and nipping buds. Lamb, chicken and salmon are all sensational with it, but pairing with watermelon, asparagus or snow peas will really blow you away. There’s also nothing like fresh mint in your mojito on a hot summer day.

    Another low-effort herb to plant, keeping in mind that thyme likes alkaline soil and full sun. Many people will use this plant as a fragrant ground cover. With a little pruning in the spring and summer, yours will turn out great and its nuanced flavour and aroma will pay dividends in the kitchen. Try it with pork tenderloin or get creative with honey lemon thyme cocktails.

    For more ideas, head to your local PC Garden Centre.

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