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5 ways to make your older home feel new

    (NC) Dreaming of improving your home, but a major remodel isn’t necessarily in the budget? It may seem basic, but a fresh coat of paint is an easy trick to give your home a new look. Try some of these simple, inexpensive paint projects that make for quick updates and keep the old-home charm.

    Paint kitchen cabinets. This is an economical way to transform an outdated kitchen into something timeless. Select a primer that is recommended for the type of surface you have, then remove the cabinet doors and hardware and label them for easier reassembly. Use painter’s tape to protect the wall or backsplash tile and cover the countertop with plastic or poly-sheeting. Instead of the typical two-step process to apply poly-sheeting, try using Painter’s Mate double-sided poly-hanging tape to make prep time a breeze.

    Revamp drawer pulls and door handles. Give your home a small but impactful refresh by updating worn door handles, drawer knobs and pulls. Instead of replacing everything, try repainting — all you need is a screwdriver to remove knobs and handles and a metal spray paint. Before painting, clean the hardware and lightly sand to ensure that paint adheres easily. Add a layer of clear lacquer after the paint dries to help prevent scratches.

    Create an accent wall. This focal point can be a powerful design move, breaking up the traditional look of having four same-coloured walls. Plus, it’s an easy way to play with colour in a new way without committing to painting a whole room. When selecting the colour, the accent wall should complement the adjacent wall colour. When in doubt, paint your statement wall two shades darker than the rest.

    Paint your ceiling. If your home already has a fresh coat of paint, then look to other areas that could use a touch-up, such as the ceilings. When repainting the ceiling, don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour. Whether dramatic or subtle, adding colour to the fifth wall can alter the geometry of a room, tricking the eye and changing the feel of a space.

    Pro tip: use a roller with extended reach to tackle high ceilings.

    Refresh trim. Details such as moulding, trim and baseboards can seem relatively minor but create a significant impact. As these accents are the visual foundation for a space, you can change the look of any room by simply playing them up with a crisp white colour.

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