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5 Tips to Beautify Your Home – While Social Distancing

    I’m writing this today in hopes to inspire you a bit during this very uncertain time. As I’m sure you know, due to the Coronavirus, we are being asked to socially distance ourselves from each other, stay home, and even quarantine ourselves if we have any signs of being ill. I’ve been following this recommendation and spending most of my time at home, enjoying walks with my family, and only going out to public places when completely necessary (like to look for toilet paper and hand sanitizer, of course). While it is not easy, I understand the importance of doing this in order to work together and avoid COVID-19 from spreading.

    I’ve heard people comment about the fact that they are young, so chances are they will not be affected and will only suffer a bit of a cough or cold… That is really not the point. The point of staying away from others is not only to protect yourself, but it’s also to protect others. I’m sure that everyone has an older relative that they love and do not want to get sick, so let’s do what we can to help. Also, if hospitals become overrun due to the Coronavirus it puts everyone at risk – What would happen to people who got into a car accident, a lady who needs an emergency c-section, or to a child who fell and needed immediate care? We all need to think of the bigger picture and work together.

    All that being said, I’ve been thinking about how I will be spending my time at home and thought I would share a few tips with you about ways that you can beautify your home while still practicing social distancing. You will not have to leave your home for the following activities and they will all help to make your home a more lovely place, which I hope will help to spark a bit of joy!


    I get no greater satisfaction than seeing a spot in my home decluttered, wiped down, and reorganized. Who’s with me? Ask yourself what spots need your attention. Whether it is your fridge, your master closet, or your whole main floor – Get started. To get rid of items you can either donate, sell, or toss.  You will feel much better with a cleansed space. Be sure to listen to great music while you work to keep your spirits up and to help keep you motivated.  Have kids home from school? Get them to join in if they are up for it. My 2-year-old loves to clean, so he gets his little toy duster and a rag and “helps” – It usually takes me longer when he helps, but at least he’s having fun and feels like a part of the team.


    One thing that is sure to add beauty to any space is fresh flowers.  You can order a simple arrangement from a local flower shop in your area and ask for them to be delivered.  This will not only make your home more beautiful, but it will also support a local small business that could probably use some extra support at this unsure time. I have noticed that a lot of flower shops are still providing delivery, but due to social distancing, they will simply ring your bell and leave the flowers outside the door, which I think is a great solution.


    One thing I have my clients do when we first start to work together on interior design projects is to hop online and gather images of spaces that they love. Look around your home and take note of the spaces or items that you’d like to update and then go online to research ideas and gather inspiration. A great way to search and save items is on Pinterest.


    If you’re looking to tackle a full project in the near future, now is the perfect time to start planning what that will look like. Go ahead and make some decisions around what you want to focus on, what you want to spend, and who you’d like to work with. Local architects, interior designers, and architects typically have projects booked in advance, so starting the process sooner rather than later will help you to book the job in advance and get all of your questions answered ahead of time, which will ensure a smoother process for everyone. 


    If you’ve got a bunch of things you’d like to do around your home but are not sure where to start, now is a great time to book a consultation. You can book now and we can line up an in-home consultation for a later date (we’re currently booking consultations for mid-April) or you can request a virtual consultation, which we are now offering due to all of the requests for social distancing. These virtual consultations will be just as helpful for you as an in-home consultation would be, we can help answer all of your interior design and decorating dilemmas just as we would if we were in your home, but our communication will be done via email and skype. Typically we help with things like space planning, paint colours, budget questions to prioritize spending, ideas for where to shop, how to style and finish off a space, and anything else you need to gain clarity on to make your house a home. If you would like to book a call to discuss how we can help you during a consultation, please email us at so that we can set up a time.

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