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How to create the perfect playroom

    (NC) Children are full of surprises. From your heart to your home, they sure do make an impact. If there’s room to spare, it’s great for kids to have their own space––a place to play, make noise, jump around and unleash their creativity. But how does one create this super room that has to be fun, safe, multi-functional and inspiring? It’s more than possible, and it just might save your sanity. Follow these top tips to create the perfect playroom.

    Soundproof: Kids are noisy. You might be thinking there’s no way around this one, but soundproofing insulation has you covered. If you don’t enjoy the noise of boisterous play permeating to other areas of the house, than this is the perfect solution. Experts often recommend a product called Roxul Safe ‘n’ Sound, because its high-density composition and non-directional fibre structure do an amazing job of turning your indoor playground into a quiet zone. It is also made with natural and recycled materials and is Greenguard certified for indoor air quality.

    Storage: Whether it’s toys, board games, books, tiny collections or craft supplies, it’s sometimes surprising how much stuff there is to tuck away. Keep things looking tidy and organized with clever storage pieces. Look for items that pull double buy valium duty––great from a design perspective, but with easy-access, pull-out drawers or shelving. Neatly labeled clear plastic containers are also a favourite, as are built-in benches with toss cushions. Be sure to keep plenty of open floor space, because kids love to and need to move.

    Safety: It’s important to tailor safety measures to your child’s age and stage of development. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that all large furnishings are secured to the wall to prevent toppling. Soft storage drawers or lightweight bins are better than heavy plastic tubs or large toy boxes. Outlet covers can help reduce risk for younger children. Consider green building materials and low VOC paints. Install parental controls on any computers, tablets or electronic devices.

    Special features: Kids love to unleash their imaginations. If you have the space, consider a small, elevated stage for performances. A painted chalkboard wall is always a hit, along with a designated gallery for their creative masterpieces. A play table is ideal for colouring, painting and crafts, while cushioned benches or bean bag chairs can provide a relaxing place to kick back and read a book. Don’t forget bookshelves––active readers have active imaginations, and that’s sure to inspire even more amazing ways to play.

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