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Creating the ultimate patio deck

    (NC) More Canadians are jumping on the trend of enriching their homes and lifestyles by adding outdoor living spaces with beautifully designed and tastefully furnished patio decks.

    Creating your ultimate patio deck is a great way to add an “outdoor room” for entertaining and family barbecues during warmer weather.

    Real estate and renovation experts agree that adding a well-designed patio deck is a very cost-effective way to increase the value of your home property. A study by Money Magazine showed that such outdoor additions can have more impact on home value than interior projects.

    The key to success is keeping the big picture in mind, says trusted Canadian contractor and TV host Mike Holmes.

    “Creating the ultimate backyard deck goes beyond simply building the deck itself,” says Holmes. “Think ahead. Don’t just focus on materials and size. Also think about your deck’s design; its functionality; seating options and privacy; durability and maintenance; and of course, safety.”

    To maximize deck safety and convenience, Holmes says to start by considering the benefits of a low deck design that requires fewer stairs and therefore fewer worries over slips and falls.

    Wood has long been the traditional material of choice for deck building. But options for homeowners are growing amid the introduction of ‘high-tech’ decks featuring man-made materials that look good, are maintenance-free and eliminate the need for repairs or replacement. This becomes increasingly important as dangerous deck collapses occur every year across North America.

    Holmes recommends these newer high-tech deck systems, including a homegrown Canadian product called SigmaDek (

    “SigmaDek is different. It uses aerospace-grade aluminum and porcelain parts that interlock to create a seamless surface that looks good and really lasts,” says Holmes. “You don’t have to worry about the deck deteriorating, coming apart or collapsing. That means less maintenance, less spending on repairs and you never need to replace it.”

    Another key factor to consider when creating your ultimate deck is the quality of materials and parts used for the installation.

    “Installation is always key. Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of deck products use plastic clips to make connections,” says Holmes. “Plastic tends to break, especially in typical Canadian weather extremes. Solid metal connections are the way to go – they’re stronger and more resistant to temperature changes.”

    You’ve chosen materials and an overall design but a big question is always: How big a deck should you build?

    “Go big or go home,” says Holmes. “Stay within your budget but durable, maintenance-free, man-made materials that cost more initially can pay off in the long run. Once those decks are up, they’re repair and worry free.”

    Use these tips to make this the year to finally build your ultimate home patio deck.

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