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Custom cabinetry with a sense of style

    As a designer, there are two renovation requests that I get time and time again. The first is betterfunctioning storage systems, and the second is custom elements. When you combine the two, the result is pure magic. Now, you might not think that custom cabinets are particularly exciting, but don’t be fooled! The effects of a well-planned, efficient and clean home will make your heart skip a beat.

    While custom cabinetry is a big ask in small spaces, the trend that is quickly gaining traction in homes of every size. The trend is all about making the most of every inch in your home, and doing it in a way that speaks to your unique style sensibilities.

    But before making a big investment in custom cabinets, you need to determine how your space will be used.

    Some areas of the home are made expressly for storage. In closets or pantries, stuff rules the realm and it’s okay to adopt a more utilitarian design. In these spaces, function almost always come firsts. Other rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room are used primarily as living/working spaces with storage playing a supporting role. This is where fashion needs to be given a little extra love.

    Here are some of my favourite trends in custom cabinetry, that will to take your storage system from “just practical” to “just… WOW.”

    Custom colour
    When it comes to geometric shapes and patterns, a little can go a long way, so you want to ensure the pattern isn’t competing with other elements in the space. Incorporate this trend without going overboard by using accents.

    Custom dimensions
    Okay, extra-high cabinets aren’t exactly a new trend, but there’s certainly renewed interest in efficiently using every available inch of your home. This includes the wall space right up to the ceiling, or custom corner cabinets that tuck infrequently used or seasonal items out of the way, yet easily at hand.

    Open and closed shelving
    This will allow you to tailor your storage system and aesthetic to your personal storage style. What do I mean? Some people naturally tern to be messy and could benefit more from cabinets with doors that conceal the clutter. Meanwhile, a collector may appreciate open shelving to display his or her favourite finds.

    “Smart” storage
    No conversation about “home” in 2018 would be complete without the obligatory tech topic, and custom cabinetry is no different. A hot trend is to incorporate charging and docking stations into your cabinetry, to eliminate countertop clutter in the form of phones, tablets, laptops, cables and cords. Beyond the basics, think wireless devices built right in, like speakers or a television!

    Custom cabinetry can help you make the most of your home. When planning your storage system, think fashion and function right off the bat.

    After all, that is one of the benefits of creating custom versus buying a ready-made product off the shelf. You get what you really want. Custom elements for the home will cost more, but when done properly your custom cabinets will pay off tenfold.

    Kate Davidson is Designer, Principal of Kate + Co. Design inc. For more then a decade this design firm has focused on being a multi disciplinary interior design firm providing complete residential & commercial design services throughout Toronto, GTA. and North America. Known and respected for envisioning and creating stylish adaptable livable spaces. @KateAndCoDesignInc

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