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How to customize design trends for your home

    (NC) Each year we are presented with new and innovative trends in design and home décor. But many of us often wonder how to translate these daring styles into our own homes for livability.

    Here, SHARON GRECH, Benjamin Moore colour and design expert, shares her tips for incorporating bold trends into your home.

    While you may remember velvet as a popular midcentury fabric, it has recently made a resurgence in home décor. Known for its distinctively smooth, rich texture, velvet is a popular way to make a space look and feel luxurious.

    Benjamin Moore Century is a first of-its-kind paint that creates a tactile experience, similar to that of a soft leather glove. Bedrooms, dining rooms and powder rooms are all great spaces to consider making a bold statement with a feature wall.

    When it comes to geometric shapes and patterns, a little can go a long way, so you want to ensure the pattern isn’t competing with other elements in the space. Incorporate this trend without going overboard by using accents.

    Backsplashes are the perfect place to be daring with geometric patterns. Kitchens and bathrooms are ideal for adding geometry in design as they contain relatively small and focused areas. If you are looking for an option that requires a little less commitment, try incorporating accessories with a geo structure or pattern. Geometricinspired coffee tables and mirrors can emulate that same modern look without having to make a big commitment in your space or budget.

    Gone are the days of choosing between silver and gold. We’ve expanded our metallic palette to include even more metals like chrome, rose gold, copper and brass. The art of mixing metals and metallic tones is being applied in details throughout the entire home to add depth and intrigue into a space.

    “One of the reasons I love this trend is because of its adaptability. Metals complement so many different hues, which make them easy to add into a space and coordinate with existing décor.”

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