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Design updates to keep your kitchen looking fresh

    At the heart of every home is the kitchen — a space for cooking, eating, congregating, sharing and kicking back. But keeping your kitchen looking its best can be complicated, as large-scale renovations are expensive and disruptive. But a few simple updates can have a major impact. Here are some tricks and trends for updating this popular room.

    Colour is the new white. For years, the all-white kitchen has dominated Pinterest boards and decorating magazines. But this fall, designers are looking to colour — anything from a neutral grey to a bold navy — to add personality and style. You can start simple, with a few well-placed accessories or up the ante by painting cabinets. Want to go even bolder? Try a coloured sink, a hot new trend that can create a real talking point. Use a hue that matches your backsplash to ensure the sink works with your existing décor.

    Trade up to new appliance finishes. Stainless steel has been the status quo for so long that it’s hard to remember our kitchens looking like anything other than a sea of silvery metal. But new appliance finishes are adding warmth, texture and tone in exciting ways. Black slate, a newly introduced finish from GE Appliances, is a perfect example — it’s bold and contemporary yet classic and versatile enough to match nearly any décor. Available on GE Profile refrigerators, ranges, range hoods, ovens and dishwashers, the deep charcoal finish commands just the right amount of attention while its matte texture hides fingerprints and virtually eliminates smudges.

    Design from the ground up. Swapping out your flooring can make a huge statement, upgrading the look and feel of your kitchen. This fall, retro checkerboard floor tiles are capturing attention, but not the 50s-style diner look you may have in mind. Instead, monochromatic colours and updated grid formations are bringing this classic look into the 21st century. Another trend to note: interlaced tile and wood transitions around the sink. Not only will the juxtaposition add interest and texture, the look is incredibly practical, saving your wood from damage caused by spills.

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