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Elevate your home’s exterior with black accents

    Whether your home has a contemporary, traditional or rustic aesthetic, black is a unique colour choice that can make a bold visual statement. To help achieve this look and feel, Sharon Grech, Benjamin Moore colour and design expert, shares her tips for using black as an outdoor accent colour.

    Embrace your home’s natural beauty. One of the best places to start when incorporating accent colours is its architectural features.“ Archways, framing and pillars are ideal places to incorporate black paint,” advises Grech. “These elements are the differentiating characteristics that make every home different, so don’t be afraid to enhance and embrace them.”

    Contrasting colour combos. Incorporating black can intimidating, but the popular trend can often add contrasting details and elegance to a space. “The key to incorporating the bold hue is to ensure it is balanced. This way it can appear chic and even neutral,” explains Grech.

    Colour combos that pair well with black accents outdoors are neutral hues like grey, beige and white. Mixing subdued neutrals with bolder, contrasting colours like black adds an unexpected element of interest and surprise.“ Both warm and cool neutrals like Simply White OC-117 or Metropolitan AF-690, a cool and crisp grey, offer tonal contrast that pair well with black.”

    Dashing doors. Your front, side and backyard doors are key focal points that can have big impact on the exterior appearance of a home.“ Adding pops of black to entryways will add depth and dimension. When using bold colours like black, it’s important to select premium quality products that re vivid and durable like Benjamin Moore Aura Grand Entrance that will stand the test of time.”

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