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Elevate your space with finishing touches

    As a designer, I know that the finishing touches are what elevate a space from good to great. These are the small details that are often overlooked. Whether it be a hard element like cabinet knobs or soft finishings like pillows and mirrors, these are the small seemingly insignificant items that will truly give your space that designer look.

    Once the reno is complete and the hard finishes are executed seamlessly, it’s those added decorated touches that will finish it all off and pull the design together.

    Here are a few ways that we like to add these extra finishing touches.

    You may not think too much about it but taking a standard nightstand and switching out the cabinet knob will add unique impact to your space. We often take a storebought wood night stand and replace the standard knob with a new shiny polished nickel pull. If you’re looking to crank up your home’s #trending factor, hardware is a great upgrade. Choose impactful knobs and pulls to transform minimal cabinet fronts and drawers. When it comes to drapery hardware, look for quality handmade European drapery finials, from companies like Deco & Deco, which offer a vast array of finishes and styles to add a unique touch to existing and new cabinetry and window rods throughout your home.

    Adding floating shelves to a feature wall can provide added function and visual interest. This pebble wall was pretty, but adding the live edge wood shelves enhances the beachy feel and adds a place to set your book and a glass of wine!

    Groups of three or odd numbers are always a goto. They add great visual interest and enlarge the space for any room.

    Always look to adding in unique textural toss cushions. Throw pillows that are 18” or less can read store bought. We often add custom pillows in our designs, but if you are looking for ready-made, search for larger pillow sizes. They will make the whole look of your living room more luxurious.

    As an Interior Designer, I always start any renovation project with big picture planning and then round out the design with these tiny last details. Creating a beautiful home is all about those finishing touches. It’s these final elements that pull the space together and help turn a house into a home. So, whether you’re planning a small scale reno this year or a small re-decorating project, don’t forget the little finishing touches that will personalize any space you call home.

    By: Rebecca Hay

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