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Expert-approved tips to achieve an on-trend bathroom

    The arrival of the new year brings new trends for the home. Renovating your bathroom is a smart place to start because an update will enhance the value of your home and add relaxation to your lifestyle.

    For a beautiful bathroom, design expert Kimberley Seldon recommends a mix of fashionable pieces paired with classic finishes for a timeless look. She also knows from partnering with the Electrical Safety Authority how important it is to hire the right professionals, including a licensed electrical contractor.

    When designing this small space, add interest to the floors by using a statement tile with graphic patterns. Another popular option is oversized tiles for a sleek look. In-floor heating will keep the room toasty and having it installed to Ontario Electrical Safety Code standards is a must. The associated wall thermostat must be at least one metre away from a bathtub or shower stall, or be GFCI-protected if it’s within one metre. It can never be less than 50 centimetres away.

    Keep the bathroom streamlined using cabinetry to store everything from electrical toothbrushes to styling tools and their cords behind closed doors. Remember, outlets placed within cabinetry require an interlocking switch that shuts off power to the outlet when the door is closed to prevent overheating or fire.

    For a modern shower stall, consider framing with metal and adding tempered glass to mimic the look of industrial steel windows. Keep the interior bright by adding specialized light fixtures – just make sure they’re marked suitable for the location. Choosing the wrong kind of lighting or not having it installed correctly can pose a safety risk.

    Use a neutral or monochromatic colour scheme and enhance it with large-scale artwork or sculptural sconces that frame the mirror. When having the lighting installed, ensure it is placed at least 30 centimetres away from any cupboards, shelving or anything flammable. Your licensed electrical contractor will know these facts, so you can rest assured your home is safe.

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