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How to Give Your Window an Attractive Finish

    Window Blinds are used in almost every modern home. They range from the classic 1-inch mini blinds to highly structured woven wooden blinds. The attractive features that window blinds give your house is one of the reasons they are so admired, including the benefits of the privacy they offer, the reduction of harmful UV rays entering the house, and glare reduction.

    Blinds for your home are major additions to your interior decor. They offer an affectionate look to the atmosphere of the room. When using blinds made out of different fabrics, you can get an elegant look that can completely change the look and decor of the room. In addition, customizing the blinds according to your room’s decor can make the interior design more eye-catching.

    There are lots of special types of window dressing out there, from drapes to roman blinds, Venetians to roller blinds. When it comes to choosing something for your room, however, there is always something that will fit your needs perfectly.

    Real Wooden Blinds
    Wood blinds are a great choice if you wish to give your room a magic that is elegant without making it look too unnatural. They have the elegance and charm that makes space look much warmer and inviting than alternatives such as aluminum blinds or stiff curtains. Spaces which are humid in the home such as kitchens or bathrooms can be decorated with faux blinds that provide the look and style of wood blinds while being moisture resistant and more durable.

    There are lots of variations in wood blinds. They include Woven wood blinds, Vertical wooden blinds, Mini-blinds, Faux blinds, and so on.

    In the marketplace, you will get to see wooden blinds in special shapes, sizes and colors. The wood used in making them also varies. While ordering the blinds, you can select certain features such as privacy holes, motorization, fabric tapes, color, and other control types.

    While buying wooden blinds for your home, special care should be taken to check the shape and size of the slats. For doors and for windows that are undersized, one inch slats are just right. For windows and doors of other shapes and sizes, choosing 2-inch slats would be best. Those window blinds with slats that are bigger than 2 inches look like farm shutters, and they provide a better view when tilted open. Cordless window blinds and valance upgrades are the choices that are available according to the requirements and needs of the customers.

    Aluminum Venetian Blinds
    Blinds made from aluminum are stylish, durable, and an admirable long-term window dressing choice for your home. There are several reasons why anyone should wish for these blinds in their home or office. Apart from their durability, clean lines, and style, aluminum blinds are extremely moisture repellant and are particularly useful in the house in areas that are humid or have the risk of water splashing. Such places as in the kitchen, shower room, bathroom, or utility room are perfect places to put one of these aluminum blinds. They look sparkling when they are installed properly, can be chosen in a clean color such as white, which provides an air of pristine cleanliness in the house. Due to their capacity to successfully block out daylight, these blinds are also well-liked in spaces that get a lot of sunlight.

    Aluminum is a durable and very strong material and blinds made from aluminum will last a long time if they are installed appropriately and looked after. Taking care and maintenance after them is a simple affair. Wiping them down with a wet cloth will keep them spotless, but remember to leave the slats open until they are completely dried out. Aluminum blinds are made to last and will be in your house or the place of work for many years.

    Roman Shades
    When you’re tired of the classic look of slatted blinds, take a look at the beauty of Roman shades. Roman shades take the look of drapery and combine them with the compact and convenient look of a regular shade or blind. They are a single piece of flowing fabric that folds as it stacks at the top of your window. Their unique look, combined with your choice of vivid and eye-catching colors or patterns, will surely impress your guests. You can customize your Roman shades to be the focal point of the room, or to have a more rustic, down-to-earth and inviting look. 

With multiple liners and control options available, they are also a great example of how shades and blinds can be customized to fit your very needs and preferences. For increased insulation go for a thick thermal liner, or go for a blackout liner for complete light control. Lift options such as top-down bottom-up let you lower the blind from the top or raise it from the bottom of the window, giving you increased versatility in privacy and usage. Try covering the bottom half of your window for privacy while bringing in some light at the top.

    In the end, when your aim is to dress to impress, you should know what you are looking for in terms of features. Once you know what you need in terms of light control, privacy, and may be material or style, you can start narrowing your options down and honing in on a window blind or shade that truly speaks to you.

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