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How to grow an organic vegetable garden

    Growing your own vegetables is a fun and rewarding experience that can improve your health and save you money – but it does take time and care.

    Mike Wylie, merchant for live goods at The Home Depot Canada, has some tips to help you find the right spot to plant your veggies and protect your plants throughout the season.

    Plan it out. If you don’t have an existing garden space, mark the shape with string and remove your sod to expose the soil. Start off with a small space; one of the biggest mistakes first-time gardeners make is planning an area that’s too large to maintain. When you have success in your first attempt with a small garden, it’s easy to expand.

    Pick a spot that gets as much sun as possible – you need at least six hours each day. You’ll have to water your vegetable and herb garden regularly, so close proximity to a water spigot is ideal, whether you use a garden hose or watering can.

    Remove rocks from the soil. Remove any rocks or debris from your soil and enrich it with at least two inches of Nature’s Care Organic Garden Soil. This will help stimulate root growth and ensure that you get the very best produce in your garden.

    Plant your vegetable or herb seedlings. Keep in mind how big your plants will grow, and make sure to space out your garden accordingly.

    Feed and water. To maximize growth, feed your garden with an organic and natural vegetable food every two months and water as needed. Water in the early morning until the soil is moist but not soggy. Remember to keep watering as needed and remove weeds when necessary.

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