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How to create the ideal bedroom for a good night’s sleep

    Nothing is more important to our active, fun-filled lives than getting healthy, restorative sleep. Here are some tips for creating a bedroom to give you just that, from interior designer Robin Wilson of Robin Wilson Home. She is well known for her eco-friendly aesthetic with an eco-healthy focus.

    • Change your pillow – If your pillow is older than three years and has not been washed, it weighs more now than when you bought it. It’s loaded with dust mites that are next to your face while you sleep. Choose hypoallergenic pillows over down pillows, and use a zippered pillow protector that you wash weekly for a double barrier. Wash your pillow at least twice a year and replace pillows every three years.

    • Mattress – Cover your mattress with a hypoallergenic cover and wash it every two months. Make sure your mattress is non-toxic without formaldehyde-based fire retardants.

    • Pick non-VOC paints – Try to always use non-VOC paints which won’t off-gas, or leave an obnoxious paint odour to stir up allergies. It looks just as good on the wall as regular paint.

    • Always use a nylon shower curtain liner – Allergy sufferers are told to shower often to remove pollen and pet dander from their bodies. However, the phthalate chemicals in vinyl shower curtains off-gas with humidity and heat, and also attract mold and mildew. This off-gassing can easily spread from the bathroom into the bedroom. Replace your vinyl liner with a nylon shower curtain liner.

    • At the window – Light pollution is an issue that people often ignore when trying to get a good night’s sleep. A well-fitted set of blinds, shades or shutters is a great choice, and it can be a healthier one, too, as draperies can be dust-catchers. For example, Hunter Douglas Silhouette A Deux shadings combine the sheer, light-diffusing beauty of Silhouette shadings with a room-darkening roller shade for increased light control and privacy when desired.

    • Wash or freeze stuffed toys – Stuffed animals and dolls are breeding grounds for dust mites. Wash them or put them in the freezer for 24 hours to remove them.

    • Keep pets clean and off of beds – Cat and dog allergies are very common, so keep pets bathed regularly to reduce the dander and don’t allow them on your bed.

    • Flooring – Remember that tile and hardwood floors can be a healthier choice than carpeting, as floor spaces are the largest dust collectors in the home and wall-to-wall carpeting can release VOC’s if it contains certain adhesives, backings and sealants. Whatever your flooring choice, vacuum or clean it on a regular basis.

    With these tips, creating a bedroom sanctuary for a good night’s sleep is easier than ever.

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