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How to fix your lawn

    (NC) Bare spots happen on almost every lawn. They can be caused by heavy foot traffic or rough winter weather.

    Whatever the reason, if the spot is larger than a foot wide, it’s important to patch it. Otherwise, weeds will quickly fill the space, or a deep rut can develop if the soil erodes without grass to hold it in place.

    Fortunately, fixing bare spots is easy. Here are some tips from The Home Depot Canada to help you get started.

    Choose your seeds. A good rule of thumb is to try to use the same mix of seeds planted in the surrounding area so the new growth will match what’s already there. If your bare spot is from high traffic, it might be a good idea to patch it with a seed blend meant for high-traffic areas. Also, if the bare spot is in a shady spot under a tree, use a shade mix.

    Spread the seeds. Spread out the grass seeds according to package directions, evenly covering the entire area at the thickness stated. Cover the grass seed very lightly with soil, no deeper than about one-quarter inch thick. Very lightly tamp down the soil on top of the grass seed.

    Use a fertilizer. Apply a light fertilizer, such as Vigoro Lawn Fertilizer, all over the patch. You can cover the patch with straw to keep the seeds in place.

    Hydrate the area. Water lightly early in the morning and keep it damp until you see the new grass sprouting, which should happen within about two weeks. Make sure the area stays damp and moist.

    Maintain your new grass. Once the new grass gets growing, water it less often but for longer periods of time to encourage deep root growth. Don’t mow the new grass until it’s about three inches tall – about three weeks’ worth of growth.

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