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Interior Inspiration for 2022

    The world has undergone immense change in the last few years and in lockdown, interior decorating trends have followed suit. The all-white colour palette that dominated 2020 evolved into a dramatic, high-contrast black-and-white motif in 2021, as people sought out bold interior expression amidst more time being spent inside the home. Now, as we slowly emerge on the other side of this long and uncertain pandemic period, 2022 is expected to bring that bold burst of colour and vibrancy that we’ve all been craving, now more than ever. Let’s take a closer look at the upcoming fall and winter trends, and the inspirations behind them.


    Our inner self has always played a role the look and feel of our homes. (And if it doesn’t, then you’re not doing it right!) Warm, earthy neutrals and deeper, moodier jewel tones will be front and centre as we make our way through fall and winter this year. These colour palettes are contemporary, friendly and inviting, and largely reflect our amplified desire to reconnect with family and friends, after a year and half in virtual isolation.


    Also inspiring interior trends is the Earth itself, as calls for responsible, sustainable living get louder and louder. Recent environmental disasters have highlighted our planet’s fragility, and our increasing awareness of it is reflected in this chosen aesthetic. The new year will see a prevailing colour palette that pays homage to our external environments. Think gentle, mossy greens, browns and greys, complemented by natural wood, stone and leather, and organic textiles and textures. 


    This interior inspiration is a recurring and circular theme every year, reflecting our desire to “lighten up” in with the arrival of spring, and “cozy up” at the first sight of autumn’s falling leaves and temperatures. This time of year organically pulls people inward, in search of a warm place to hunker down and hibernate. Nature-inspired, “autumn” colours are loved for their calming, grounding qualities – a much-welcomed characteristic amidst all the unknowns floating around right now.

    What does this look like?

    We’ll see interior designers employing a mixture of tonalities leaning toward the brown and tan side of the spectrum. While these hues will be a recurring theme, the trend will also manifest itself in subtler ways. A new, richer colour palette of oranges, reds, greens, yellows, purples and blues containing warm, brown undertones with more muted toned that are flat, deep and rich.

    For many, autumn is a natural time to re-evaluate our homes, how they’re working out for us, and how they make us feel. This is perhaps even more pronounced this fall, with the new season and new year marking the “reset” that we’ve all been waiting for. As we return to a life that more closely resembles our former, pre-pandemic existence, social interactions are resuming and many of us are now refocusing on themes and thoughts that were once a priority. Family and friends, our external environments, and our internal selves are front and centre, once again.


    International Designer Laura Hay, Principal of LH Decor & Design Inc. brings over a decade of experience to her work in residential interiors. The growing boutique design firm is known for creating stylish, harmonious,  livable environments and vacation homes in the GTA, Canada, United States and Bahamas.  @laurahay 



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