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What to know when shopping for an all-season cottage

    (NC) Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to wait for cottage season and could spend all winter on your dock? A four-season cottage is ideal because it is accessible yearlong.

    “It is no surprise that a growing number of cottage-goers are looking to enjoy these benefits year round by converting their summer homes into all-season properties or purchasing four season cottages,” explains Ettore Cardarelli, President of the Ontario Real Estate Association.

    If you’re shopping for an all-season cottage this year, ask your Realtor about the following:


    Depending on where the cottage is located, road access might be limited during the winter months. On private roads, maintenance and snow removal are the responsibility of cottage owners.


    Many summer cottages’ waste and water systems are not equipped to function year-round. You will likely need to winterize your septic tank and sewage system


    A winterized property should have proper insulation and ventilation, a reliable heating source, and energy-efficient windows.


    Familiarize yourself with local zoning rules and building codes. There may be restrictions on when you can live there or do renovations. Make sure to get the necessary permits before you start any makeovers.


    Inquire about local supermarkets, shops, recreation centres and hospitals. Being close to these amenities, especially if they are open yearlong, will give you peace of mind if you plan on spending the colder months at the cottage.

    83%  of Cottage owners in Ontario who purchase a summer home end up converting it to year round space, according to research conducted by Orea and Cottage Life Magazine

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