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Make a statement within your small space

    As a decorator, I love creating visual interest and adding personality to a room by adding natural materials to the wall surfaces throughout my projects. Truly, one of the most effective ways to make an eye-catching design statement within your home is to create accent walls through use of natural stone veneer panels, slabs, or tiles. Statement walls always make you look twice and I appreciate the overall aesthetics that come from the lines and cuts created by using natural stone materials from nature. Not only will you create character by adding in rustic wall materials but from drawing your eye can often also add in added sense of more visual height to your space.

    A timeless world design staple, stone materials never goes out of style and carries with it a sense of history, strength and everlasting beauty. One great local resource is Canadian company Erth Coverings, they provide an extensive offering of light weight stone veneer products and styles for both indoors and out that are not only environmentally friendly but come with a lifetime warranty.

    My designer pick and one of the most popular choices today for a more contemporary and stylish look are there White Wolf 3D Panels in stunning marble. Try using these behind the TV wall or along an accent wall or surround for a fireplace. The variations of white and dark grey from the stone help create visual interest, depth and texture to a room.

    For a more traditional and subtle and muted accent wall look at working with their striated darker Grey Wolf stone panels.

    If you live in a smaller studio apartment or an open-concept space, consider selecting an elegant pale grey Limestone accent wall. One great option is the Silverfox Ledgestone Panels to use along a living room or dining room wall or to make a bolder statement consider using their slate black Lavastone Large Strips.

    One of the most over looked areas of our homes are our hallways this product is a great example to use along any stairway wall or corridor to complement and bring in visual warmth and sophistication for our high traffic areas of the home.

    Looking to bring in some natural elements and personality into your own interiors?
    Using natural materials will bring a sense of tranquility that often comes with spending time in nature itself. There i sno bigger statement than an accent wall using natural elements.

    Now this year, take a second look at your beige walls and start adding in some textural and natural elements into your design mix ahead. You will never look at your walls the same again.

    CARLY HEUNG, Interior Decorator and Principal for 1smallspace. Known for creating simple, modern, and functional spaces. Carly provides one-on-one consultation services to help busy professionals transform their small spaces into ones that tell the story of who they are and what they love.

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