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Remote home monitoring

    (NC) Summer is finally upon us and it’s time to take advantage of the heat and sunshine to get away on a family vacation. Whether it’s waterskiing on your favorite lake, or roasting some marshmallows around a campfire, you’ll want to make sure that you are still connected to your home while you’re away to ensure all is safe and secure.

    According to Patrice De Luca, V.P. of Marketing and Customer Care for Reliance Protectron Security Services, the latest advancements in home security systems are leaving homeowners with a greater sense of peace of mind that their home is being protected while they’re away. This is due to the latest interactive services from providers like Reliance Protectron that is giving clients protection that goes far beyond the role of a traditional home security system. Here are some of the interactive tools now available:

    Video Surveillance

    You can set up video surveillance around your property and in your home that seamlessly sleeves into your existing system. You can subscribe to interactive video surveillance to record activity at preset times or begin recording when motion is detected. “Only you can monitor what’s happening in your house through your webcams, as our monitoring centres cannot access your cameras,” explained De Luca. Thus, you can for example make sure you kids arrived home safely, even if you’re not home.

    Interactive Door Locks

    If you have guests that will be housesitting or getting your mail for you while you are away, there is no need to give them a key. You can give them a passcode to unlock your door which you can change or delete immediately upon your return from vacation.

    Interactive Thermostat

    You no longer have to worry if you left the air conditioning on or not before you leave the house. You can simply check the status of your thermostat through your computer or your smartphone and turn it off if you forgot. As an added bonus, you can turn it on just before you get back if you are returning home on a particularly hot day.

    Remote Control Lighting and Appliances

    You can also control appliances and your lighting remotely using the same interactive technology, so you can make sure appliances are shut off and make it look like someone is home by switching lights on and off in the evening. All this control is accessible by logging in to your account from your personal computer, BlackBerry, Android, iPhone app or any web-enabled device. More information on protecting your home on the go is available online at

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