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Salt Cured Maple Salmon

    Sifto is celebrating its 150th anniversary along with Canada’s milestone birthday. Sifto commissioned leading Canadian gastro chef Mike Shedden to create a perfect Canadian dish of salt-cured maple Canadian Atlantic salmon. This dish is best served cold on top of a dill crème fraîche with fried capers on French bread.

    Serves 25 1-oz slices


    1 kg Atlantic Salmon, skin on

    1 kg Sifto Table Salt

    1/2 kg Granulated Sugar

    2 Oranges, zested

    250 g Cracked and roasted Black Pepper

    1/4 cup Smoked Paprika

    3/4 cup Real Maple Syrup


    I. Mix all dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl until completely combined.

    II. Coat salmon in cure, and reserve 40% of mixture.

    III. Lay salmon skin side down on a baking sheet with half of remaining cure underneath.

    IV. Mix in maple syrup to remaining cure and coat exposed salmon in wet cure.

    V. Wrap tightly in cellophane and leave in refrigerator for three days.

    VI. Flip salmon once every 24 hours for best results.

    VII. Once salmon is cured, rinse cure off well and slice salmon thinly and on a slight bias.

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