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Simplify Laundry with These Features

    (NC) It’s never been easier to tackle your family’s endless pile of dirty clothes. Thanks to advances in home laundry care, washers and dryers now have a range of easy-to-use features to match any budget.
    Here are some features to consider when upgrading your appliances from Robert Jones, merchant of appliances at The Home Depot Canada.

    Load-and-go cartridges. There’s no need to worry about adding detergent each time you start a new load. Some laundry cartridge systems hold enough detergent to wash up to 40 loads of laundry without refilling, which is perfect for parents on the go. This feature also ensures that detergent is released at the optimal time to fight tough stains.

    Time-saving cycles. Fast forward your laundry cycle without sacrificing performance. With new technology, you can finish a full load in under 30 minutes, cutting your wash cycle by 20 minutes or more.

    Fresh-saver. You’ll never have to worry about leaving clothes in the washer again. With a built-in fan and tumble feature, you can keep your clothes fresh even when you are tied up with the kids. Use this feature to ensure clothes smell great up to 16 hours after the cycle ends.

    Wash-and-dry cycle. Make sure your outfit is ready to go with minimal effort. Some newer models use fan technology to dry your clothes in the washer following a cycle. You’ll never have to worry about switching your load to the dryer again.

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