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Smart Holiday Hacks

    The holidays should be a happy time, but between family get-togethers, grocery shopping and decorating, it’s sometimes hard to find enough time to get everything done. Fortunately, you can use the wifi-enabled iHome Smart Plugs available at the Home Depot Canada to make the holiday season a little easier.

    Pre-holiday prep
    When getting your home ready for the holidays, decorating the exterior can be a chilly experience. Skip the cold by plugging your lights or inflatables into a smart outlet and turn them on with the touch of a button. You can even use the plugs to turn on the slow cooker while you’re at work to save you time when cooking a large family meal.

    Christmas morning
    Want your Christmas morning go off without a hitch? Connect and control appliances connected to your smart plug from any location to ensure the perfect start to your day. You can schedule your smart plugs to turn on the festive music early, have the coffee maker brewing and get the lights twinkling.

    After Christmas
    Smart plugs aren’t just helpful on the holidays. Use them on a daily basis this winter to turn on lights during those short winter days or turn on the humidifier to prevent dryness. Create a “scene” in a full room by linking all your smart plugs together or while travelling use the “away” mode, which will set an entire room to your preference.

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