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Where to splurge and save for your home

    As a designer I often get asked all the time to share examples of where to splurge and where to save when decorating a home. The reality is that I rarely work with unlimited budgets and so I get to exercise this balancing muscle on a daily basis. Here’s some of my  tips to creating a space that will be both stylish and cost savvy.

    Where to splurge

    I always advise clients to splurge on high quality area rugs. If you invest in the right rug you will have it for decades. The better quality rugs will not shed their fibers and will be durable against wear and tear. Afterall, these are meant to be walked on!

    Upholstery is another area I always encourage my clients to splurge on. The quality really makes a difference in your level of overall comfort. If you get a solidly built sofa you can also recover it several times over.

    Toss cushions is the other final area worth splurging on. Clients often faint at the price of custom designer pillows. But in my mind these are the unique items that only you have. They add both personality and visual interest.   I always have my pillows made with a feather/down fill insert for added softness with a zipper. Always look to buying a pillow that you can remove the cover to wash and change out seasonally!

    Where to save

    Start first with looking at some of the latest flooring innovations. One popular flooring choice today is Luxury Vinyl now in amazing array of finishes, colours companies like Fuzion Flooring have taken this category to another level and will have you taking a double take with latest Dynamix Grande Tile collection   Now you can achieve the look of real wood and save on time and money with installation.  When it comes to fabrics If you are like me and have a young family perhaps consider to use limited higher-end expensive fabrics and use in smaller doses. Pillows are a great way to get that beautiful designer fabric at a fraction of the cost of using on larger amounts like drapery in the room.

    Consider exploring and using some vintage and consignment furniture for small accent pieces in the room. Today you will find many great stylish pieces at very affordable price.

    Then look to change out using existing hardware from shops like Handle That, to add that personal touch.

    Most important and often overlooked is lighting. There are so many wonderful lighting options now these days that don’t have to break the bank. Fun wall sconces can add boat loads of designer chic at a non-designer price point.

    Ultimately, you can mix your decor up and still have it look expensive. Whatever combination you choose to go with to create your high-low design, just remember that it’s ultimately your home. Make sure that whatever you select reflect your personal taste and you’ll never go wrong. And if you’re not sure where to start or can’t imagine going it alone, hire a design team like us to blend it all together for you.

    Designer Rebecca Hay is principal of Rebecca Hay Designs Inc., a Toronto based Design firm specializing in classically livable family homes. Offering complete decorating and renovating services for over a decade Rebecca and her team manage all of the details from start to finish. Known and celebrated for her design work and appearances on various acclaimed HGTV shows Rebecca is an active YouTuber  follow her daily design adventures on INSTAGRAM. Servicing clientele throughout Toronto, Muskoka and Canada.

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