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The Corner Lot Bliss

    This exquisite residential corner lot located in Woodbridge showcases a classic contemporary style enriching a true luxurious theme around the property with a balanced use of warm toned lighting.

    To emphasize the front entrance and key featured areas of the backyard, one major request was to maintain the elegant highlights throughout the property by incorporating chandeliers showcasing a high-class visual and to accentuate the beautiful custom-built structures next to the vinyl cove pool and relaxing hot tub spa.



    In 2018, Partridge Fine Landscapes began work on this corner lot property, which was in need of a more purposeful use of its grand exterior space. In order to achieve the client’s requests, thorough planning and designing resulted in a classic warm toned interlocking to tie in with the exterior colour scheme of the home, as well as a practical usage of travel circulation.

    By emphasizing the existing look of the home with a bare minimal front yard, Partridge took the initiative to expand the inviting grand entrance with outdoor seating, while ringing greenery and a comfortable amount of privacy away from neighbours.



    This property is not recognized as an ordinary formal build. In order to create a balance between classic and natural organic, Partridge incorporated both themes by providing individual side paths on each side of the house for a more coherent flow of a formal front and a free-formed backyard design.

    On the left side of the home, a steppingstone path was installed to exhibit a more whimsical, natural route surrounded by blooming hydrangeas in an organic layout. The street side features a much more formal style with continued interlocking from the front entrance, framed by privacy cedars and ornamental grasses, providing a hint of what can be expected beyond the gates.



    Partridge Fine Landscapes, along with Dream Pools, transformed this backyard into the homeowners very own paradise resort – an ideal setting during COVID lockdowns with an endless amount of entertainment.

    The backyard design consists of a custom-built wooden pavilion beautifully finished with a chandelier centerpiece, establishing a unified appearance with the chandeliers used along the house side porch.

    A grand kidney vinyl pool with a built-in waterfall feature helps to add to the paradise setting while a perfectly adjacent built-in hot tub spa is the perfect viewpoint to relax in.

    To finish off, the backyard features a custom cabana consisting of an indoor lounge area connected with an outdoor BBQ kitchen area ready for a fun day with family and eventually, friends.


    Project Name: Evening Paradise
    By: Partridge Fine Landscapes –
    Designer: Darren Hoekstra, BLA
    Pool by: Dream Pools –
    Photography by: Cameron St Visual Storytelling

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