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Tips for flooding your backyard rink this winter

    (NC) Canada and hockey are synonymous. Hockey is our iconic sport and outdoor rinks take us back to our childhood days. So, why not embrace those memories along with the cold, frigid air and enjoy all that winter has to offer by building your own rink? Here are five tips to help you get out there and create the perfect ice pad for a game of shinny.

    Invest in a quality plastic liner

    Make sure to invest in an ultra-white liner to help keep your ice as cold as possible by reflecting the UV rays away from the ice. A good liner makes winter maintenance and spring clean-up easier.

    The perfect winter hose

    No one likes a cracked, frozen hose especially on a cold winter day. You want to choose a hose that can withstand the cold winter. But, keep in mind – even the most heavy-duty hose shouldn’t be left outside between floods or it will freeze.

    Equip yourself with the proper outerwear

    A good pair of boots and the perfect parka are the ideal clothing items when exposing yourself to the frigid elements. Parkas like the Helly Hansen Berg Quilted Jacket from Mark’s provides protection against the wind with its sturdy outer shell.

    Ideal temperature to flood your rink

    Although -15 C may not be an ideal temperature for the average person, for us Canadians it’s perfect for flooding our backyard rinks. If the temperature hits -10 to -15, snow or shine, day or night, get out and flood your rink!

    Patience is a virtue

    You will need to flood the rink a couple of times and resurface from time to time before it’s fit for a game of pick-up. If you take time to flood you rink, the ice quality vastly improves.

    Get out there and do as Canadians do: make the best backyard rink around!

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