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Top 5 DIY projects to help you live better

    (NC) Household chores and endless projects can seem like a thankless job, but regular home maintenance is important to ensure your home’s safety, comfort and long-term durability. If your to-do list is ever growing, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. Focus on this list of must-tackle jobs to not only improve your home, but your daily living, as well.

    Ensuring your home is well insulated will improve your comfort, while saving you money by keeping heating and cooling costs in check. The right insulation –– ideally a non-combustible, inorganic product –– can also improve your home’s fire safety and air quality. A dense insulation with non-directional fibre composition will also help control sound for a more peaceful space overall. Many contractors recommend Rockwool stone wool insulation, like Comfortbatt and Safe ‘n’ Sound. Both resist fire up to 1,177˚C and, because they repel moisture, aren’t susceptible to mould, mildew or rot. They also offer excellent sound absorption and are easy to install.

    This is an easy DIY project that can tremendously improve the way your home functions. Built-in’s are especially popular because they can create an impressive focal point. Assembling store-bought units can also work with a tight budget. Ultimately, the goal is to give everything a place and to decrease clutter.

    03. PAINT
    It’s amazing how transformative paint can be. It can completely alter the way you feel about your home, creating an instant refresh and a foundation to anchor other updates.

    Consider your interests and hobbies, then work on creating a special place in your home where you can truly relax or unwind. Whether this means turning your bathroom into a spa-like oasis with some new tile or fixtures or creating a recreational retreat, having a room that helps you recharge is great for your mental health.

    This doesn’t have to mean an expensive addition. Consider simple improvements like refinishing unused areas of your home, like the basement, or re-purposing existing space, like a cluttered storage or laundry room that causes you stress. You might also bring an indoor feel to your outdoor space by building a patio or deck with comfortable seating and lighting to create somewhere that you can rest or entertain.

    Ultimately, home improvements that help you live better can seemingly provide double the return. The ROI can be measured in enjoyment, as well as equity.

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