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Your Space, Your Story

    Tired of your home interiors? More important then ever, our homes need to provide comfort and function as well as reflect who we are. Accessorizing is a crucial phase of completing a renovation or adding back some life to your home. Rugs, artwork, collectibles and pillows are some of the key elements that will bring your beautifully finished spaces back to life.

    Here are some of my tips on how to select the best accessories to style up and refresh your interiors this winter.


    A monochromatic space will lack personality so incorporate muted tones that work together or choose two bolder colours and distribute them across your space with accessories. Place these colours in varying accents like pillows, blankets, vases and artwork. Ideally, draw these colours from a key piece in the space which could be an accent fabric, area rug or artwork.


    When selecting accents, ensure you use varying sizes. Groupings are most successful when combining three different heights, widths of objects together. If you want to make a statement, add one or two large items to your space that will draw attention to them. A large painting on canvas would make an impact on a large wall. Pull out some of the colours in that painting for your accessories to distribute in the room.


    Add depth and dimension to your space by combining various textures. Keeping in your colour scheme, combine items that are rough, polished, woven and silky. This adds interest without the need to add a lot of colour.


    Create a dynamic space by adding contrast. The key to create contrast is selecting a few key pieces that stand out against the neutral backdrop of the rest of the space. For example, a fireplace clad with a dark stone or slab, distribute the same dark tone found in the fireplace material across the room in a few key areas to unite the furnishings with the fireplace feature.

    Happy accessorizing!

    By Kate Davidson


    Kate + Co Design Inc is a full-service design firm with a diverse portfolio of projects to its credit across the Greater Toronto Area, western Ontario and the US.

    Led by designer Kate Davidson, Kate + Co offers a range of interior design services, from consultation to conceptualization and project management, available on small- and large-scale projects. The company specializes in luxury residential renovation and custom design.

    Regardless of size or scope, Kate + Co delivers quality that’s backed by Kate Davidson’s team of in-house designers, and realized through an extensive network of resources and renovators.

    The outcome is outstanding, hands-on service and beautifully creative results that make you fall in love with your space, all over again.

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