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2019 SICO Colour of the Year

    Grand Manan, like the New Brunswick Island resplendent with desolate beaches and hiking trails, all under breathtaking sunsets. Opulent and rich, the Grand Manan Black paint colour represents nature. A true sanctuary, it invites you to gravitate towards the insular tranquility of Maritime islands and let all the beauty and serenity of the outdoors into your home.

    Though its name is Grand Manan Black, it’s actually a perfect combination of black and emerald green. A true homage to Canadian landscapes, this hopeful hue pairs marvelously with neutral shades such as Mushroom Mousse (6185-11) and Volcanic Rocks (6208-83).

    Here’s how to incorporate Grand Manan Black into your home’s decor this year.

    For a monochrome look One
    flip through a decorating magazine this season and you’ll quickly see that when it comes to furniture, emerald green velvet is still very on-trend. And Sico’s colour experts didn’t go wrong with the seriously versatile Grand Manan Black. You’ll love using it for a monochrome look in the living room, complemented by brushed brass accessories to impart opulence. Try adding some plants to make the ambiance even more sumptuous and inviting.

    In the kitchen or dining room
    Local inspiration is everywhere these days, from food to kitchen walls. Green is a colour that stimulates concentration and spurs conversation. Its dark, exotic tones free the spirit, inviting you to let your hair down and have fun. You’ll adore how it looks combined with materials like natural wood and black metal.

    Growing up with Grand Manan
    Decorating a kid’s room is the perfect opportunity to get creative. With Grand Manan Black (6161-83), you can be sure the result will be timeless as well as attractive. This dark shade looks best with bold prints, minimalist furniture, and accent colours like Tawny Port (6074-52) for a new twist on classic decor elements. Incorporate animal-inspired accents to treat your little one to a daily safari!

    To view the Sico paint brand’s 2019 Colour of the Year, get design inspiration from top home decor bloggers, and use a leading-edge virtual painting tool to try colours in a photo of your own rooms, visit

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