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Get inspired and bring life to your living room

    Being inspired can be hard at times, especially for those who are in charge of enhancing their interiors to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment.

    Building the perfect living room design, is by far one of the hardest things when it comes to home decor. This is the room you will want to put more effort in to make sure it combines comfort and elegance. It’s the room you will introduce first to your guests and where you will spend more time in. Take into consideration your décor, your lifestyle and how frequently you will use the space when you’re planning a layout.

    A comfortable living space is about layers, creating conversational seating, and building a sensible room that’s both visually and functionally stimulating. A perfect living room teases and pleases the eye in a manner that feels edgy and fun while simultaneously catering to one’s need to curl up in the most casual way.

    True classics never fail to make an impression. Nowadays, the traditional coffee table is no longer the only way to decorate the living room; recently coffee tables are taking original shapes and designs that give the living room a unique look through unusual forms and new materials.

    Looking to design a highly contrasted living room? Try darker shades with bold materials like black velvet with gold accent pieces.

    In wide open, spacious rooms, it’s important to create different zones for more private and comfortable areas.

    The chesterfield sofa is sure to endure for centuries to come, a confident piece of furniture to complement even the most luxurious interiors. There’s something intrinsically luxurious and old fashioned about the curved arms, the intricate details and the classic lines with a modern reinterpretation will make this piece a timeless decorative item.

    For complementing this extravagant armchair, a perfect side table influenced by the symbol of Japanese Culture. Koi table from Brabbu, as loved and affectioned as the carp is also a symbol of love and friendship which will be conveyed into a modern home decor.

    Hope you’ve been inspired to make updates to your living room! If you’re ready to start your living room design, you may want to check out the new room design packages at

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