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3 gorgeous kitchen trends for your next reno

    Whether you’re planning a mini makeover or a major overhaul for the heart of your home, there are many ways to give the space a fresh look and feel. Here are some design trends to keep in mind:

    Textured countertops.
    Countertops don’t necessarily need a smooth and shiny finish. Like paint, quartz can also have different textured finishes. Opting for a textured countertop can add dimension and a subtle yet impactful enhancement to your kitchen. Look for brands that offer textured finishes like HanStone Quartz, whose Unearthed Collection features a unique Riverwashed finish.

    Coloured cabinetry.
    Add contrast to your kitchen by painting your cabinets with a bold colour. Painted cabinetry is an easy and cost-effective way to liven and freshen up any space. In 2019, we’re seeing cabinets painted in moody hues like matte black, navy and forest green. If the thought of going to the dark side scares you, try incorporating a medium-toned grey or even light oak cabinetry into your design. Contrary to popular belief, coloured cabinetry can be extremely neutral.

    Accessorize with pops of matte black.
    A touch of matte black is a great complementary colour for several reasons, one of them being that it can add design balance to your space, especially if most of your furnishings are white. It’s no wonder matte black is turning up in all aspects of design, from handles and faucets to sinks and appliances. While you may feel that matte black airs more on the modern side, it can be easily used in traditional design as well. A great way to ease into this look is by infusing pops of black into your kitchen, as the shade complements nearly all colour palettes.

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