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3 tips for cottage opening weekend

    Cottage-goers know the payoff that comes with a home away from home where they can unwind dockside and enjoy time with family and friends. But it doesn’t come without its share of work, which all comes to a head with the often chore-filled opening weekend.

    Here are three quick tips to streamline your opening tasks so you can get back to your Muskoka chair ASAP.

    Check your insurance. One of the most stressful parts of that first drive up north is not knowing what you might find after a long winter. Fallen power lines and structural and water damage are all possibilities. Take time to review and compare your cottage insurance policy on PC Insurance’s website to ensure yours is covering everything you need.

    Tackle water first. For some this is the heaviest lift when opening their cottage, so start with replacing the filter, priming the pump, and checking your taps. From here, the pump can be turned on so water flow can get up and running while you handle other tasks. Don’t forget to turn on the water heater once its filled up, so you’ve got warm water to wash your hands after the rest of the chores.

    Handle the little things to get ahead. Once the big jobs are tackled, don’t forget the little details. Replacing batteries in flashlights and smoke detectors, restocking the fridge and bathroom, and clearing the eaves and debris outside will make sure you’re minimizing work on summer weekends to come.

    Make sure you have the right coverage for your summer property at

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