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3 Tips For a Magazine-Worthy Kitchen

    Staci Edwards, from Switch Studio recently had her kitchen featured in Style at Home Magazine. Here are three easy tips for getting a magazine-worthy kitchen in your own home.

    Mix Your Finishes
    Mixing your finishes is a great way to add interest to your kitchen and show you’re not afraid to mix it up, like a designer! As you can see Staci mixed her metals by having stainless appliances mixed with brass hardware and faucets. She also mixed her countertop materials by using quartz for the main areas and a butcher block countertop for the island. The key to mixing finishes is to repeat it a few times within the space, so it doesn’t look like a mistake. You’ll also want to spread the mixed finishes apart throughout your kitchen to allow it to feel balanced.

    Make a Statement With Lighting and Faucets
    Your lighting and faucets should really work together to add style and enhance the overall look of your kitchen, so why not make a statement?  Staci selected a more stream-lined globe pendant and mixed it with a more traditional looking faucet. Mixing the old and new looks works well for this updated kitchen in her 1865 home, and it allows them to both become a focal point.

    Add Personal Art and Accessories
    Pulling in art and accessories is the final step for creating a magazine-worthy kitchen.  It not only finishes off the kitchen, but it also allows you to show your sense of style and personality.  You’ll see some another tip that we discussed earlier in this photo too – Mixing of metals and finishes.  By mixing the finishes, layering in art, favourite cookbooks, old and new accessories, it really makes this kitchen feel well lived in and loved.

    By: Staci Edwards

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