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Mind Your Measuring Tape

    The kitchen is the most popular room in the home. It’s a gathering place, domestic common room and the best place to spend an intimate evening with friends and family. That being said, its renovation might be the biggest undertaking your house will ever experience, and as such should never be taken lightly. Here are a few tips to ensure the success of its transformation.

    It’s easy to get carried away with appliance shopping and decor selections. One of the most common complications you may run into when selecting your dream stove or fridge is not leaving enough space around it. To avoid this potential painstaking mistake, we recommend careful planning, measuring and diagramming. This will ensure that adequate aisle, walking, counter and extension space is available.

    The kitchen island is a wonderful point of interest for any kitchen, as long as it fits. For the best results, treat it as an accent. It’s important to maintain ample space between other cupboards and appliances, which usually translates to about four feet. It’s also important to remember that the kitchen is a working, functional space. The length and size of your island should never compromise the utility of the entire room.

    Understanding the needs of your home is essential. It’s also important to take the time to select an adequate material that is capable of withstanding the pressures on it. When it comes to family, Caesarstone offers exceptional selections in quartz that are resistant to scratches and stains, a great option for those with small children.

    After all is said and done, space is the elusive component in kitchen design. Appliance, flooring and countertop selections can interfere with the functional aspects of design. We recommend that before you finalize any renovation plans, make sure you have the space you need for your smaller appliances, cookware and utensils.

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