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Ancient elements inspire modern architecture trends

    Drawing inspiration from the past can yield unexpected results and lend a timeless quality to any space. When balanced with modern elements, ancient elements in the home can create a look that is fresh, unique and classic, but still very of the moment.

    Thinking about doing a major makeover or a few strategic upgrades? Then take a page from history and incorporate some ancient elements into your modern renovation project.

    Reimagined materials
    Futuristic stainless steel is on the way out, with today’s materials getting their cue from the past. Warmer metals are a popular choice, with brass and gold leading the charge. Try the trend at home with some budget-friendly updates, like gold plumbing fixtures in the bathroom or brass hardware on kitchen cabinets. Another ancient material making a comeback is marble, which can look gorgeous as tile. More adventurous renovators can try marble wallpaper, a chic and inexpensive twist that’s trending on Pinterest boards and designer plans alike.

    Statement pieces
    Think of the great architectural buildings in Europe, like the Roman Pantheon, which was the first to have an opening in the roof to bring daylight and illumination to the centre. While the design concept was revolutionary, the opening lacked glass panes to keep the elements out. But this idea of getting more daylight through the roof is a great trend to try in your own home in 2018. Today’s skylights, like the ones from Velux, feature flat glass for energy efficiency and are factory-engineered to keep the elements out. They add drama and style to the home while reducing the need for artificial light, lowering electricity costs and improving mood. Programmable skylights even allow you to open and close the window, helping to achieve optimal indoor air quality that’s important for a good night’s sleep and children’s learning abilities.

    Natural connections
    Take a cue from yesteryear’s more relaxed lifestyles, when we spent more time outdoors and our indoor spaces were more intertwined with the outside world. Start by adding more greenery to your home. Houseplants like the Cereus peruvianus, the perfect cactus that blooms at night, complement both more delicate and rustic looks; while blooming florals balance out colder, more contemporary spaces nicely. Woven textiles are very trendy in 2018 and look great in practical pieces like pretty storage baskets that can disguise unsightly clutter.

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