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Heat up your style, not your home

    By Lisa Lloyd

    Now that summer is upon us, you might be dreading the return of the oppressive heat and glare—not to mention those climbing air conditioning bills. Instead of suffering through another sizzling season, take steps now to protect your home against the heat. Installing energy-efficient window treatments, like cellular or solar shades, gives you control over the heat and light, lowers your air conditioning bills, and looks so stylish it might as well be called solar flair.

    Cellular Shades: A Chic Way to Beat the Heat
    If you’re looking for a side of sophisticated chic with your heat control, cellular shades just might be for you. They’re a great window treatment option when it comes to upping both your home’s energy efficiency and style. The shades’ unique, honeycomb-shaped fabric insulates your window and keeps you cool, comfortable, and oh-so-stylish. And with the countless fabric and style combinations, there’s no doubt you’ll find the perfect one for you.

    Solar Shades: Lean, Mean, Heat-Fighting Machine
    Cellular shades not your style? Not to worry—solar shades are another smart pick in the energy efficiency department. Their clean, effortless style gives you great heat-reduction benefits. You can coordinate an entire room by covering standard windows with solar shades and wide windows or patio doors with solar sliding panels. Plus, the variety of on-trend hues and fabrics available from the Signature Series line makes solar shades an even smarter style choice.

    Exterior Solar Shades: Heat Protection Wherever, Whenever
    As you’re heading outside for the summer, you’ll want some serious sun protection for your porch, patio, or favorite outdoor space, as well as your interiors. Keep your cool as you relax outside or inside—even in the middle of July—with exterior solar shades. These hard-working shades are installed on the outside of your home or patio to block heat, light, UV rays, and glare before they even touch your windows. Not only do they provide superior protection for your home’s interior, they also help lower your air conditioning bills—quite the perk!

    LISA LLOYD is a Window Fashion Design Consultant and Owner of Budget Blinds, Oakville & Mississauga West. Lisa provides custom window coverings for large and small-scale residential and commercial projects.

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