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Choosing the best lawn mower this spring

    (NC) Looking to achieve a freshly manicured lawn all season long? Then it’s important to find a mower that’s easy to operate and a good fit for your yard.

    There are several options to help get the job done, whether you want the classic look of a manual reel lawn mower or all the features of a gas-powered unit. Here are a few insights from Steve Mulvihill, Merchant, Outdoor Power at The Home Depot Canada, to help you get started.

    Gas lawn mowers. Gas-powered lawn mowers are ideal for lawns up to a half acre in size. These models can easily handle uneven terrain and thick grass. Engine power will vary between models, but look for a 160cc model for the toughest turf.

    Some units feature a self-propel system that can be set to your walking speed. Other three-in-one gas-powered lawn mowers allow you to choose between bagging, mulching or side-discharge of grass clippings. These models require periodic maintenance, so be sure to do check on it regularly throughout the season.

    Electric or battery lawn mowers. Electric lawn mowers run quietly, save fuel and maintenance costs and offer many of the same features as gas models. They can be corded or cordless and offer similar three-in-one options for mulching, bagging or side-discharge of clippings.

    If your lawn is at or under one third of an acre, you may want a cordless model that uses a battery for more mobility, such as the EGO 21” 56V Lithium-ion Cordless Lawn Mower.

    Manual reel lawn mowers. The most basic type of mower is a manual reel mower, which cuts grass using a series of curved blades that rotate when pushed. They’re easy to use, quiet to operate and require no gas, which means zero emissions.

    Manual reel mowers work best on flat and even lawns that are less than a quarter acre in size. They are more economical to own and require little maintenance – just remember to regularly sharpen the blades.

    Lawn tractors. If your lawn is bigger than a half acre, consider a lawn tractor. Lawn tractors with automatic transmission and cruise control do most of the work for you, and if you’re looking for more control over the tractor engine’s range of power, choose one with manual transmission.

    A zero-turn lawn mower provides full 360° turning ability and optimum maneuvering, making them perfect for flat-terrain yards with lots of trees and shrubs. These mowers also have wide cutting decks, so they work well if your grass grows fast and tall or if you don’t cut your grass regularly. They can even cut your lawn up to twice as fast as a traditional tractor.

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