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Make the most of grey in your home

    (NC) As we embrace a new wave of warm neutrals in 2019, it’s not goodbye grey and back to beige just yet. Here are some design tips for complementing cool neutral hues like white and grey with up-and-coming trends like soft, warm neutrals.

    Use shades of beige, brown and cream. Although many shy away from combining cool neutrals with warm neutrals, if done right, it can create cohesion by bringing harmony to your space. Taking your white quartz countertop, like HanStone’s Chantilly, with its crisp white background and feathery charcoal veins, and pairing it with hues of beige, brown or cream will create a subtle contrast. Try incorporating one to two warm neutrals to complement the cool tones in your white countertops, which will add warmth to your kitchen. The unique veining that appears on many quartz styles also adds another element of contrast.

    Incorporate natural materials and texture. So you’ve re-painted the walls with warm neutrals to match some of the cooler white and grey tones in your house, but your home still feels like it’s missing something? The answer may be texture, a quick fix that will add depth and coziness to any room while making the other colours in the space pop. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add texture, you can do so with natural materials like rattan chairs to pair with your grey and warm neutral colour palette.

    Accessorize with rugs. Another way to add texture is with rugs. A faux fur, sisal or wool rug is a staple accessory that will complement the existing neutral hues in your home. Not only do they add natural texture and style, they can protect your floors from scratching and stains. They also work well as an accessory in the kitchen to protect your floors because this is typically one of the most used and accident-prone areas in the house. Faux cowhide rugs are a designer favourite and work well in living rooms and bedrooms.

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