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Create your own spa getaway in your bathroom

    Despite a busy, jam-packed schedule, you should be able to steal moments of peace whenever you need to, and ideally do it somewhere in your home.

    Visiting a spa can be a relaxing experience, but regular visits can put pressure on both your wallet and your schedule. But it’s possible to get the benefits of a luxurious spa in your home, without the hassle of actually leaving the house. With a few quick upgrades, your bathroom can become that place of relaxation, comfort and ease you desire.

    “A bathroom is a very personal space and people should take the effort to make it their own,” says Kenana Al-Yakobi, channel manager of Pfister Canada for Spectrum Brands Inc. “Creating a space that exactly fits your needs is the ultimate form of self-care. Investing in your own home spa will bring you peace of mind for the long-term.”

    Pfister’s collection of bathroom fixtures offer a wide selection of spa-worthy items that can transform your bathroom into an envy-worthy holiday destination. Here’s everything you need to create your own blissful escape:

    Add a tub filler for a classic, minimalistic, no-fuss look to your bathroom. While you listen to the relaxing sound of your bathtub filling up, light a candle, put on some music and get ready for a luxurious soak thanks to this simplistic but functional fixture.

    Inspired by Palm Springs, this modern rain can-style showerheadallows you to escape your busy life and enjoy a relaxing moment in the comfort of your own bathroom. Stand under this showerhead and experience a full coverage flow of water, creating a feeling of true tranquility.

    Get at those tough to reach aches and pains with a multi-function hand-held shower head, offering up to seven different spray formations that will ease and soothe sore muscles and help you relax under cascading water. A combo showerhead and hand-held wand allows you stay in the warm falling water while you massage away your worries.

    Enjoy all the benefits of a spa visit with a shower panel that gives you flexible options. With its elegant design, this shower panel allows you to choose between a rainfall, handheld or body jet experience to ensure your spa needs are met.

    Allow yourself some much-needed relaxation time in your own at-home personal spa by curating your bathroom with Pfister’s faucets and accessories.

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