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DIY Renovation Tips

    As the days grow longer and the sun begins to warm the soul, it’s a perfect time to embark on that painting or renovation project you’ve been dreaming about. Use these tips for a DIY renovation:

    Let the clean, fresh air in
    Make sure there is plenty of ventilation during painting or varnishing projects, or when installing any flooring using glues or adhesives. You can find out about your local outdoor air quality by visiting

    Understand what you’re using
    Whether it’s paint, caulking or even window cleaner, use chemical products as directed. Follow all safety and usage instructions on the label, including how to dispose of any leftover products. Be sure you use all personal safety equipment recommended on the label.

    Choose low-emission products
    Paint or varnish products often have a noticeable smell. The odour will contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Some chemical products that are labelled as “low emission” give off fewer VOCs. Look on the label to see if the product is low emission.

    Check for asbestos
    If you are planning renovations and your home has building materials already installed that you think may contain asbestos (like insulation, exterior siding, floor or ceiling tiles), contact a trained and qualified asbestos abatement professional. They can test for and remove asbestos before you begin. Never try to remove building materials that may contain asbestos yourself.

    Keep chemicals away from children
    Keep all household chemical products safely stored where children cannot see or reach them. By following these renovation health tips, you can brush away the last signs of winter safely.

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