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Give your dishwasher a boost

    When the dishwasher cycle is done, do you have to reach for a towel to dry your dishes? While most dishwashers leave drips on dishes and puddles on your plasticware, GE Appliances is changing the game with industry-first Dry Boost™ technology that provides up to three times better drying performance.

    “Dry Boost makes dishes cabinet-ready as soon as the cycle completes, taking some of the chore out of doing the dishes,” says Mike Nerdig, senior commercial director, dishwasher, GE Appliances. “At last, dishes are table or cabinet ready without the hassle of using a dish towel or having drips on the floor.”

    Striking the balance between energy efficiency and perfectly clean and dry results has been a challenge for the dishwasher industry. To solve this problem, the engineers at GE Appliances designed innovative new features, including a dual-wattage heating element and smart algorithms that adjust the heat and time to operate in the drying “sweet spot” for greater efficiency and consistency. Depending on the model, the dishwasher may be vented out via natural convection airflow or incorporate a fan to enhance the drying process. Dry Boost technology is great for items like stadium cups, plasticware, sippy cups or other family favourites.

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