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Six Sided Wonder

    The six sided polygon, also known as the hexagon, has been a hallmark design feature for walls, floors, furniture and decor. It’s shape adds angular interest, symmetry and contrast and brings modern inspiration and tranquility to any space. These geoshapes have taken on quite a statement in the last few years but they are truly a trend that is here to stay.

    Not only is the hexagon pattern modern and appealing, but this shape holds a very special meaning in life all around us. In nature, inside the beehive, each honey-packed cell is built by tiny bee engineers to take on the shape of a hexagon. They do this for a very clever reason – because of packing efficiency. The hexagon shapes allows bees to optimize the space they have. If a series of circles were used instead, there would by empty spaces between them.

    Turtles are also another creature that helped inspire the hexagon. Their magnificent shells, made from one of the strongest compounds in nature, protect them from predators. These shells are fully covered by subunits of hexagons. Nature has cleverly designed this – using hexagons as it is one of the most efficient geometrical shapes that can cover curved surfaces with the most minimal amount of material wasted. As one of the strongest shapes that exist in the world, any space with hexagonal features and details are bound to communicate strength, beauty and unity to you and your guests.

    From decorating hundreds of small spaces, I’ve learnt to incorporate nature’s clever space saving designs through use of hexagons to create appealing yet efficient spaces. There is no shortage of appealing areas to use hexagonal features in – from backsplashes in your kitchen, to wall or floor tiles in your bathroom – these hexagon shapes can be incorporated into any design feature big or small in your home to maximize both efficiency and appeal!

    Erth Coverings, Hex is a beautiful and elegant collection of grey stone, with lovely variations in light to dark grey veins throughout on stunning white marble. These pieces are perfect for a polished look, for kitchen floors and backsplashes and fireplace surrounds that express modern design thinking.

    CIOT offers a new collection called Art which is an extruded glazed porcelain collection with 3D dimensional qualities. Perfect for architectonic spaces, and feature walls these pieces add a sophisticated and textural accent to any space.

    This silhouette pendent light from Troy’s Lighting through Hudson Valley lighting is the perfect lighting fixture to anchor a living room, bedroom or over the bathtub space. This fixture offers a intriguing trending hexagon shape to create a wonderful sophisticated yet casual look for a space.

    Convex is a beautiful modern-classic fabric now offered from Maxwell Fabrics is sure to create a striking statement piece for any accent cushions or small upholstered ottomans perfect fabric for spring ahead in a bedroom or living room space.

    CARLY HEUNG, Interior Decorator and Principal for 1smallspace. Known for creating simple, modern, and functional spaces. Carly provides one-on-one consultation services to help busy professionals transform their small spaces into ones that tell the story of who they are and what they love.

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