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Little luxuries You’ll Love

    We’ve all seen home prices increase and square footage decrease. For some time, many young homebuyers joined the mass exodus to larger suburban homes. But the draw of urban living is back with renewed interest. Many homebuyers are gladly sacrificing some square footage for city-centre conveniences. And even the smallest of homes are fully loaded with some pretty luxe upgrades that mean living large.

    One such small luxury is a heated floor. Bathrooms often become the focus of this upgrade, since their cool finishes don’t do much by way of cosy comforts. A heated tile floor does just the trick. Heated floors are an understated but totally amazing way to bring luxury to your everyday. And trust me, you will definitely use this feature. Try it out in unconventional areas like an entrance foyer, living room or kitchen.

    Speaking of kitchens, this is where you’ll find my next favourite luxury upgrade for the modern home, large or small: a chef’s kitchen. It doesn’t have to be spacious to make a big splash, but it does have to be functional and beautiful. A true gourmand’s paradise is all about having the right appliances, and a beautiful backdrop to work in. Creating a cooking zone and adding in high quality ovens from Italian luxury brand SUPERIORE will offer a striking feature and a great way to infuse impactful colour and high end style into any kitchen. With customizable style options from their DECO line you can choose Matte Red, Cream, Brown or Black, paired with Jewelry Gold, Polished Chrome, or Bronze trim, or classic Stainless.  SUPERIORE offers a range that looks very stylish while  performs the way a culinary enthusiast would expect.

    Home automation is another one high on Millennials’ list of luxuries – which is telling since this is currently the largest cohort of homebuyers shopping the market in Canada. Anything that can reduce your daily stress and get a job done without your concerted effort gets five stars. Today using systems like Control4 offer the ease of having automated lighting, window coverings, thermostat, locks and security, sprinkler systems, the options are endless.

    A home spa is right up there on the list of luxurious home upgrades. The bathroom is a popular space for high-impact renovations, since its typically smaller scale means you can likely splurge on more beautiful finishes and fixtures without going into the red.  The “luxury” is all in your finishing selections. Your countertop and backsplash choices have to be on point to evoke a look of true luxury. Meet with a professional tile supplier like SS Tile & Stone who has access to a variety of latest must have products and can inform you on what’s best for your requirements.  As your focal point, I often like to add in a wonderful sculptural soaker tub from lux brands like  Victoria + Albert or add in a steam shower – the ultimate in big luxuries for any small space.

    A “specialty room” of some sort is a great addition to any home. This upgrade is specifically geared toward you and your interests. It doesn’t require a large room, or even a room for that matter! Oftentimes, even a well thought-out corner will suffice. This can be a scotch and cigar bar, a library, a meditation area, a painting studio, a music room, a gaming nook… the options are endless. These spaces are customized to your lifestyle, meaning you may be the only one to enjoy it, but it will be worth the investment to overall enjoyment and value to your home.

    Living luxuriously is possible in any sized space. Research and find your inspiration, and look to your own lifestyle to determine the best upgrades you’ll most appreciate. Then, go ahead and splurge a little. Working with a professional like us will also take out the guest work and help create your own personal retreat.

    If you choose well, your upgrades will enhance how you live each day, and will certainly pay off when it comes time to sell.

    by Red Barrinuevo

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