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Love Your Home Again

    As an Interior Designer who specializes in creating a variety of liveable residential spaces for clients needs and desires, the best compliment we receive was that our designs offer a great consistent style and seem to work and adapt for a variety of homeowners.

    We always use our design filter to tell our clients’ stories because at the end of the day, their home should reflect their personality. It’s important for your home to make you feel good at day’s end and lift you up each morning.  When things seem out of whack and your surroundings aren’t supporting the way you live, your relationship with your space can leave you feeling less-than enamoured with what you’ve got.

    As a professional and busy mom myself, sometimes the only way I feel content in my own home is when I’ve organized all my stuff.  Making little changes and increasing function within the form you already have is the quickest and easiest way to love your home again.

    In your KITCHEN:
    The most functional use of space is drawers.  Companies like Pure Kitchens can customize interior drawer fittings to make better use of those open base cabinets.  If you have little ones, you are familiar with the way they take over every square inch of your home.  Incorporating storage in your pantry or base cabinets that are reserved for kids’ crafts supplies, crayons, colouring books etc, is a good way to make your space does double duty . If you want a quick pick me up, having your existing cabinets sprayed, or changing the backsplash and counters is an easy aesthetic fix and doesn’t cost as much as a complete overhaul would.

    In your LIVING ROOM:
    If you ever have unexpected visitors and a living room that looks like a bomb just went off, storage furniture can help.  Having the ability to quickly tidy up and pop toys, blankets, magazines, and books away in storage ottomans or baskets before your guests take their shoes off can really save face.  If your living space is lacking personality, add pops of colour, patterns that make you happy with throw cushions, blankets, area rug or updated drapery panels.

    In your BATHROOM:
    Sometimes the most memorable spaces are the ones that positively affect all your senses.  New aromatic soaps, candles and soft towels can help you feel more comfortable in your bathroom.  If your sink cabinets are lacking in function, consider adding drawers here as well (or at least baskets or hooks inside the cabinets) to organize your hair care products, makeup, etcetera into easy to access zones.

    In your BEDROOM:
    Change up your duvet cover, throw or accent cushions for a quick fix.  Value added pieces that look great and add function can help. Consider end of bed benches that double as a place to store extra blankets for chilly nights ahead.  A new rug, paint colour, piece of art or wallpaper accent wall are also quick ways to bring some personality back into your personal space.

    If your next step is realistically a renovation that’s some time away, making small adjustments until the time comes to realize your home’s full potential can bring some of the love back and function until you’re ready.


    Cynthia Soda is Owner, Principal Interior Designer of Soda Pop Design Inc., a multi-disciplinary interior design firm providing complete custom renovation and design services for residential and commercial clients throughout the GTA.  Soda Pop Design Inc focuses on merging the client’s lifestyle, personality and architecture to create customized liveable luxury., instagram: @csodapop, twitter: @sodapopdesign

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