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Top 5 summer cleaning hacks you never knew about

    (NC) With another harsh winter under our belt and spring showers behind us, it’s time to emerge from hibernation and embrace all things summer. But with the kids at home and the pressure to entertain, summer can sometimes feel like a chore, especially when it comes to keeping the house clean.

    But have no fear – here are five easy cleaning hacks designed to get you out of the house, on the dock and in a summer state of mind.

    1. Use dish soap beyond the kitchen sink: You might come to know Dawn as a dish soap, but the same grease cutting ingredients that tackle your dishes also lend themselves to unexpected uses all over the house. Think stovetop messes, jewelry tarnished by the summer heat, greasy tools and even oil stains on the garage floor –  these are just a few creative uses for this blue potion.

    2. Find the lint roller: The kids are home and we know what that means — little sleep and endless mess. Whether your child has a passion for crafts or is more of a figurine fanatic, lint rollers are effective at both de-glittering countertops and floors.

    3. Say hello to patio season: Looking for an easy fix to bring your patio furniture and BBQ back to life? Renew grimy furniture and grilled on BBQ messes with a simple Mr Clean Magic Eraser. You won’t believe the transformation after you do a once over with a little water and this miraculous cleaning tool.

    4. Keep the good vibes blending: Has your blender seen better days from frozen daiquiris or tri-colour sangria? Whether you’re on the docks or catching rays by the pool, blenders are a key kitchen staple that have quickly become synonymous with summer entertaining. Make your blender sparkling, by blending hot water and soap for a fast-cleaning solution; one that’s much safer and more effective than cleaning the blade by hand.

    5. Let the light shine in: Cleaning dirty windows is likely not on your to-do list, but spraying down and wiping off residual dirt from long winters, will surprisingly add more sunlight to help brighten you space and your day!

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